Does It Really Matter to Go to a Prestigious College?

Many students spend years of hard work so that they can be admitted in an elite university. And it is getting more difficult for everyone as students may have to compete with other outstanding students from within the country and internationally. In ivy league schools, roughly 10 – 15% of the population are international students. Indeed, the bar getting to the most prestigious schools is undoubtedly much higher than to get to some lower tier colleges.

But does it really matter to get your college education in an elite school, like the ivies? Many think so and here are the reasons why.

It Is a Remarkable Achievement

To many students, being admitted to one of the ivies or other elite schools is already a significant accomplishment. It speaks volume of one’s abilities and how much hard work he has poured for academic excellence. Indeed, everyone who enters an elite school owns some bragging rights as not everyone is chosen.

It Is More Likely That You Will Graduate

In a study, it shows that there is a higher percentage of students in elite schools to graduate when compared to students studying in colleges outside the country’s top 100 schools. In the ivies, for example, more than 95% graduate from their majors. This cannot be said of less selective colleges and universities where dropout rate is always high.

Motivation to Succeed Is High

One of the reasons why students in highly selective colleges is that you are surrounded with people who are highly motivated to succeed. Elite schools also have services to ensure that students receive necessary support and proper guidance. It is also their prestige that every student becomes successful.

Professional Success Can Be a Guarantee

There’s no denying that parents play an important role into a student’s decision to aim for an elite college education. This is because of the common belief that graduating from an ivy or other highly selective educational institution is tantamount to getting successful later on in life. While this may not be true in some cases, others were able to take advantage of it.

Elite schools have created long standing connections with top industries in the country and many parts of the world. Big companies also are looking for graduates who received their diplomas from reputable learning organizations. This can be an assurance that a graduate from an elite school will be financially rewarded with a high-paying job.

But success is what we make it. No matter what college you go in college, you will be able to attain it with diligence and the right decisions. But of course, we cannot downplay what an elite university can contribute.